Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~Culture of Animal Cells. A Manual of Basic Technique and Specialized Applications by R.Ian Freshney~

The most complete resource on the techniques, equipment, principles, and
practices of animal cell culture, this text offers a complete background related to growth of animal cells in culture. Beginning with laboratory design, safety, validation and bioethics, then continuing with preparation of media, primary culture and cell lines, through to characterization and authentication, contamination, specialized techniques, and troubleshooting, the coverage includes:
An all-new section of training exercises, separated into basic, intermediate, and advanced procedures, cross-referenced to the relevant protocols
New coverage of stem cells, bioethics, validation, cloning, cell signaling, in vitro toxicity testing, and tissue engineering
An expanded full-color atlas section, with images of primary culture, cell lines, subculture, differentiation, cancer cells and transformation, three-dimensional culture, contamination, and specialized equipment
Enhanced treatment of troubleshooting, with full cross-referencing to the relevant protocols and sections of text
Fully updated references
The clearest, most consistent presentation of step-by-step protocols available
Numerous diagrams, photographs, tables, and charts
Detailed and up-to-date information on reagent preparation and sourcing of materials and equipment, including a fully updated list of suppliers and other resources with Web sites
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