Thursday, July 11, 2013

~Practical Apllications of Industrial Microbiology~


2-Food Canning.
3-Production of Antibiotics.
4-Production of Alcoholic Bevarages
5-Dairy Products.
6-Production of Methane.
7-Medical Products like insulin.

Industrial Microbiology and the Future

Microbes have always been exceedingly useful to humankind,even when their existence was unknown. They will remain an essential part of many basic food-processing technologies.
The development of recombinant DNA technology has further intensified interest in industrial microbiology by expanding the potential for new products and applications.As the supplies of fossil energy become more scarce, interest in renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen and ethanol, will increase. The use of specialized microbes to produce such products on an industrial scale will probably become more important. As new biotechnology applications and products enter the marketplace, they will affect our lives and well-being in ways that we can only speculate about today.


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